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Hypertext Preprocessor

JavaScript and PHP should swap their names, because one really tries to be Java but is still Script, and another is really Hypertext Preprocessor. [Read more]

Some thoughts on language-specific ways of implementing things

There are lots of programming languages - some of them more popular, some less. But as I can see it - all languages were initially created to solve one problem (or set of problems) that existing languages solve it the wrong/complicated/any-other-word w... [Read more]

Interesting PHP DateTime::createFromFormat() behavior


7 Nov 2013 on php

In PHP DateTime::createFromFormat() method has one non-obvious behavior that I recendtly discovered. The best way to show is give quick and simple example. $dateStr = '2013-11-07T16:48:98+0400'; $dt = DateTime::createFromFormat(DateTime::ISO8601, $date... [Read more]

Extending PHP array


24 Oct 2013 on php array OOP ArrayObject

Array is one of the most powerful and most used type in PHP. Actually this type combines functinality that other programming languages includes in different types. These types are linear array - list type in terms of Python or List interface in terms o... [Read more]

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