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Posts on golang

Unmarshal JSON Number to string field in Go

As Go is strictly-typed language you have to deal with types very carefully and use proper types, e.g. database/sql.NullString instead of string to deal with DB mapping in correct way. Same applies to unmarshalling JSON-strings (bytes array), especiall... [Read more]

Go 1.6 - finally, templates ready for use

As I mentioned in rKlotz introduction post I choose Pongo2 as template engine for the first public version. Actually I tried html/template but found it too basic – it remind me my first steps in web-development with PHP and bunch of template file... [Read more]

rKlotz - yet another blog engine in go

Finally, I made it! Started the project in July, worked on it for several days, then suspended it, returned several days ago, gave it new name, spent several evenings and now – it’s production-ready. About a half of year ago I started to lo... [Read more]

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