Interesting PHP DateTime::createFromFormat() behavior

7 Nov 2013 on php

In PHP DateTime::createFromFormat() method has one non-obvious behavior that I recendtly discovered. The best way to show is give quick and simple example.

$dateStr = '2013-11-07T16:48:98+0400';
$dt = DateTime::createFromFormat(DateTime::ISO8601, $dateStr);

My expectaion from evaluting this piece of code was false or null as seconds should be valid only for 00-59 range. But, as usually, reality (and PHP developers) has its own opinion. The output for this piece of code is string(24) "2013-11-07T16:49:38+0400".

So, what PHP does - it treats 98 seconds as 1 minute and 38 seconds, and minutes are added to the written in string format. Same applies to hours (2013-11-07T16:68:98+0400 => 2013-11-07T17:09:38+0400), etc.

Added note on this behavior to the method name page.

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